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Welcome to the third special Bubble edition of our Pod! 


No Time to Die discussed 

(aka- No Timer too Dire) 

(No Tie to Diet) 

(No Crime for Pie) 


This week on Shoulders of Giants, it’s Bubble Oh Heaven, as we delve deep into the new Bond film No Time to Die. 


Less a structured dissection, more a whiny tirade, join our heroes as they have a spoiler-filled ramble about their first thoughts and reactions to Daniel Craig’s fifth and final outing as agent 007.


Note- The ethos of this pod is always to celebrate film and to never be negative. 


But as Professor Dent often put it, “If you give your heart a voice with which to sing, you wont always get a lullaby.” 

And likewise, a quote easily attributed to Oddjob, “Sometimes a vent is as good as a holiday on Octopussy’s island, and a moan as relaxing as an afternoon in Scaramanga’s fun house.” 

(But then he would say that, wouldn’t he? Never shuts up, that one.) 


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