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This week things have got serious, as we present a unique episode of our pod. For the first time, Jimmy and Sheppy record Shoulders of Giants… 


…In the same time zone…! 

…Banter while in the same country…!! 

…Get wholly over-stimulated, in the same room!!! 


Which cinematic character does Sheppy find arousing who perhaps he shouldn’t? 

What film did young Jimmy cry during while being the victim of parental neglect? 

And how many beers does it take to derail a podcast?  (spoiler- none. The damage was done a long time ago.) 


So brace yourselves for an epic round of cinematic deep dives, a staggeringly in-depth Q n’ A, impossible tangents, astonishing revelations, and the occasional cameo from Sheppy’s dog.  


Buckle up, take a deep breath and watch that step… This one’s a doozy. 

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