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The originals: 

Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000 - )

Created by: 

Larry David (Seinfeld, Sour Grapes, SNL) 


Larry David, Jeff Garlin, Cheryl Hines, Ricard Lewis, Susie Essman, JB Smooth, Wanda Sykes, Ashly Holloway

What’re they about? 

Successful comedian and television writer, Larry David has it all. A nice life.  Money.  Good friends. He’s also plagued by the compulsion to never, ever, under any circumstances, let sleeping dogs lie. 


Misadventures, misunderstandings, quarrels, fights, threats, disasters and friction on an atomic level follow him where ever he goes. Or if it doesn’t, then he’ll create it himself.  Fallible, flawed, annoying and amazing, Larry walks through life on his own terms. 


Great characters and wonderful performances, improvised brilliantly and plotted astonishingly, this is a sitcom of razor-sharp observations on the human condition. 


Larry David the character addresses, confronts, ignites and exasperates where ever he goes, acting in a manner both cringe-worthy and awe-inspiring. 

David the writer has created a protagonist of pure wish-fulfilment, to the level of the coolest super-hero and suavest super-spy. If only we could all act like this. But then, we’d be dead. 


One of the very best comedies and characters in television history, Curb Your Enthusiasm is, it’s fair to say, good. 

Pretty good.  Pretty, preeetty, preeeeetty good. 


Just don’t expect a stop and chat. 

“Why do you pee sitting down? …Do you crap standing up?” 

Larry:  “You don't work. You're unemployed.” 

Cheryl: “Loving you is my job, Larry.” 

Rabbi: “My brother-in-law. He... he died on September 11th. 

Larry:  “Oh my gosh. Oh, I'm so sorry.” 

Rabbi: “Yeah. He was uptown on 57th Street. He got hit by a bike messenger."

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The pitch: "Come up with a new episode of Larry David's iconic sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm."

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