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The original: 

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) 

Directed by: 

Chris Columbus (Adventures In Babysitting, Home Alone,  Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone


Robin Williams, Sally Field, Mara Wilson, Pierce Brosnan, Harvey Fierstein, Robert Prosky

What's it's about?

When divorced father of three Daniel Hillard is given limited visitation rights to his kids, he does what any of us would - don a latex face, a dress, a fake accent and cleavage, and goes to work for his ex-wife as a Scottish nanny. 


Once ensconced in his old house, he sets about sabotaging his wife's new relationship and finds a bond with his children that was lacking in his life as a man. 


An actually quite sweet, funny and gender-neutral tale which finds Daniel achieving a new lease of life, a brand new career and the love of his off-spring.

“Carpe dentum. Seize the teeth!”

"We're his damn kids too!"

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The pitch: "Come up with a direct sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire - set whenever you like and with any cast..."

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