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Glass Onion (2022)

Directed by Rian Johnson (Brick, Looper, Knives Out)


It’s time for another Bubble episode this week on the podcast, as we have a chat about Glass Onion, the most recent murder mystery offering from writer/director Rian Johnson, discussing this and its predecessor, Knives Out.


We go deep into spoilery detail for both films, talking murders, the murdered and murderers. Not to mention some juicy Craig talk, the wonderful supporting cast, and how both films revel in their genre defying, convention bending, plot twisting, and character choking.


And as if all this isn’t enough, we also touch upon other Whodunits we love, Johnson’s at times divisive career, and more!


So meet us in the library... Bring a candlestick, lock the door, and don’t trust a soul.




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