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The original: 

The Indiana Jones Trilogy (1981-1989)


Directed by: 

Steven Spielberg 


Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Kate Capshaw, Alison Doody, Paul Freeman, Amrish Puri, Julian Glover; with John Rhys-Davies, Denholm Elliott, Ke Huy Quan and Sean Connery

What’s it about? 

Archaeologist, Doctor Henry “Indiana” Jones has a double life - when he’s not teaching at college, he’s raiding tombs, avoiding booby traps and upsetting locals. 


The key to the character’s originality and appeal is that despite outward appearance, he’s actually not a very good hero! 

He really has no idea what he’s doing, being thrown from one situation to the next like a cork in rapids. He’s barely hanging on by the skin of his teeth, and quite often it’s sheer luck that saves him from the many impossible predicaments he leaps head-first into.  


What he lacks in refinement, he makes up for in intelligence, quick-thinking and sheer endurance. 

And let’s not forget, he has a lack of scruples that would make most villains blanche. 


There’s nothing quite like the Indy trilogy. As a fourth and fifth film take us on his later adventures, it is these three that remain a ‘set’. 

There is, as it turns out, a reason Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg and John Williams, (to name just three of the creative juggernauts attached) are legends of cinema. 

And here they are positively fizzing with creative energy, invention and verve. 


Some of the best villains of all time. Brilliant allies. Some of films’ best set-pieces.  And more iconography than most could manage in ten life times. 


Hard, joyous, brutal, raw and funny, there is nothing else like them. 


As we’ve been told, Adventure has a name.


Adventure also has a hat, a whip and if you get cocky with a sword, it'll shoot you dead. 



“Throw me the Idol! No time to argue, you throw me the idol, I throw you the whip."

(Indy throws the Idol)

"Give me the whip!"

"Adios, Señor!"


“Drop them, Doctor Jones! They will be found… You won’t!” 


“We named the dog Indiana.” 


The pitch: "Come up with a new adventure for the iconic archaeologist."

don (1).png
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