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Here we go again...


With the 50th episode of the pod fast approaching, Jimmy and Sheppy take it back, they take it all back, reflecting on the past while having a think about the future. 


After over a hundred pitches, the path ahead remains untrod, uncharted and unknown.     Luckily Jimmy’s bought the loafers. 


Future formats,   New directions,   Same ground rules.   (Which remain loose. Very loose.) 


...But wait, there’s more! 


Embracing Themes of Rambling chat like never before (or, more accurately, like very often before), Sheppy grabs the bull by the horns and revisits some old classics while throwing in some tasty treats- 


Badly Judged Line Readings! 

Songs that sound like TV themes! 

TV themes that sound like songs! 


…And as if that weren’t enough, he sneaks out two forgotten pitches, never before unleashed upon the world! 




Jimmy balks at Barry!  Sheppy rounds on Rodney! And both tattle on Ted! 



So strap in, shut up and watch out      ….This time it’s personal. 


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