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The original: 

Krull (1983)


Peter Yates (Bullitt; The Dresser; Suspect; Mother, Jugs and Speed)


Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony, Freddie Jones, Alun Armstrong, David Battley, Bernard Bresslaw, Francesca Annis; with Robbie Coltrane, Liam Neeson and Todd Carty

On the planet of Krull, alien invaders in the hideous form of The Beast and his Slayers ravage the land, kill the locals, crash a wedding and steal the bride.


Now Prince Colwyn (Marshall) aided by Space-Wizard Ynyr (Jones) must find the coolest weapon in the galaxy (five-bladed throwing-star, The Glaive), recruit the most rag-tag band of misfits in the Kingdom (Outlaws! Gypsies! A tragic cyclops! A small boy! An irascible magic shape-shifter with large ego and annoying schtick) and traverse the worst locations in the universe (unforgiving quicksand-swamps, the web of a vindictive giant spider, slowly gouging spike-pits), to find The Beast’s fortress, vanquish the evil and rescue the Princess.


Fantasy meets Sci-fi, Children’s Adventure meets Insanely Dark Horror, Krull takes its place among other ‘80s films marketed at kids which contain enough out-right terror, violence and unrelenting tension to finance psychiatrists well into the new millennium. It is an odd blend, but an effective one.


The characters are well realised, and their lived-in world has pathos, tragedy and legend.

Plus the action scenes are exciting, the villains memorable, and over-all tone utterly unforgettable. The film has a budget, looks great, is superbly crafted and is packed with established thespians, up-and-coming stars and half the cast of Three Up, Two Down.


If the final film may not be totally successful, it remains a romp of the highest order, destined to stay in your mind for days, and nightmares for years.


So spin that Glaive, saddle the horses and head on out.

It’s all happening on Krull.

Colwyn: “How can anything grow in that place? It smells of death.” Ynyr: “Death and power are close cousins.”

Torquil: “I don’t think I like your relatives, old man.”


The Beast: “You have been brought here for a marriage. I am the king you will choose.”


Rhun: [dying] “I was wrong. The journey was worthwhile. Finish it for me.”


Lyssa: “Power is fleeting; love is eternal.”


Ergo: “He marches us towards a solid face of rock. The man has raisins in his braincase.”

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The pitch: "Come up with a sequel to the iconic 1983 cult classic."

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