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The Predator Films- 


Predator (1987)          

Directed by John McTieran 

Predator 2 (1990)          

Directed by Stephen Hopkins 

Alien Vs Predator (2004)          

Directed by Paul WS Anderson 

A Vs P: Requiem (2007)          

Directed by Greg and Colin Strause  

Predators (2010)          

Directed by Nimrod Antal 

The Predator (2018)          

Directed by Shane Black 

Prey (2022)             

Directed by Dan Trachtenberg 


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A race of technologically advanced, biologically superior aliens, who seemingly live for the Perfect Hunt, come to Earth and engage in a most dangerous game.  


 (Although, frankly, maybe this whole pastime could be akin to fox-hunting, and is actually thought of disdainfully by 99% of the species population. What a twist.) 


The Predator film series started with a bang, or splat, or whatever it sounds like when a spinal cord is pulled out.  Arnie nailed it, McTieran owned it, and everyone else died for it. 


The subsequent sequels and spin-offs have been met with mixed responses at best, but it speaks to the lasting and fundamental appeal of the concept, and Alien design itself, that keeps allowing for new and different interpretations of the franchise going ahead. 


This week, for a special bubble episode, we talk about each of these films, as well as the upcoming new take on the property, Prey. 

We discuss the pros, the cons, and severed, gun-wielding arms, and also throw some mini-pitches of our own about what settings the series could yet utilize. 


Over here… Over here.    Turn around… Turn around. 

Now listen to the podcast... Listen to the podcast. 


Anytime.   ….Anytime. 


Lieutenant Harrigan: “It's all right! I'm a cop!” 

Old lady: “I don't think he gives a shit!” 

-Predator 2

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