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The original: 

Superman (1938 - Present)


Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are dark, some are camp, some are wry or witty, nebbish or cavalier. Some have been around long enough to be all of these and more. 

Superman is just such a case. 


His is not an inherently ‘cool’ or ironic or angst-ridden hero. 

His dark side isn’t fighting an urge to step over the line, to fight fire with fire against the criminal elements, to hurt or kill. 

Superman’s internal struggle is against, in point of fact, anger, pettiness, ego, jealousy, doubt. 

In short, Superman’s ‘dark side’ is what it means to be human. 


Likewise, what makes him a hero isn’t saving cats or righting wrongs, it’s his effort to be the best he can be, to do the right thing, make the hard choices, to live by morality and compassion; to never waver. 


Which all means, ultimately, that his most effective means of helping others is to inspire them to be the best they can be too. 

This is a Superhero, powers or no. 


There have been different interpretations over the nearly nine decades since his birth, in comics, cartoons, TV and films. 

Despite the differences in tone and portrayal, there is one constant that links them all- Superman wants to help. Not punish. Not avenge.  Help. 


His is the story of an alien, a god, a higher being, whose desire is to be the best human he can be, seeing the beauty, wonder and potential of humanity; fighting the faults and flaws, but never losing faith in our worth; everyone deserves to be saved. 


And so, this outsider sees humans, holds us up as an ideal, and reflects back at us all we have the potential to be ourselves, the potential of what we can do- 

To fight, to take the hits, to never give up. In the end, what it ultimately means to be human. 


Even if you’re from another galaxy. 



"Up, up and away."


The pitch: "Come up with a new Superman movie."

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