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We’re getting square eyes and definitely sitting too close to the set this week, on a very special Bubble Episode, where we talk The Telly That Shaped Us. 


From Rainbow to Madmen, Super Ted to Andor, we go deep, we go wide and we go crazy. 

What are the shows that defined our childhood, kept us from ‘playing outside’, gave us classroom swagger, corrupted our teenage selves and made us late for work? 


What shows continue to delight, from the distant past, to last week’s highlights? 


Walter White!  Jean Luc Picard!  Noel Edmonds! 

So rush home from school, keep that horizontal tracking under control and for God’s sake, keep your siblings away from the remote- 

We’re talking Prime Time. 


“I am the one who knocks.” - Walter White 


“Make it so!” - Jean Luc Picard 


“Blobby Blobby Blobby.” - Mr Blobby 



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