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The original: 

The Monster Squad (1987)

Directed by: 

Fred Dekker 


Andre Gower, Robbie Kiger, Brent Chalem, Ryan Lambert, Ashley Bank; with Duncan Regehr, Leonardo Cimino, Mary Ellen Trainor, Stephen Macht, David Wendel and Tom Noonan

It’s The Goonies Vs Dracula, as a small band of young heroes battle a plethora of classic Universal Monsters, from the Wolfman to Mummy, Gillman and the Count himself.

Along the way they join forces with a creepy German guy who likes pies and Frankenstein’s Monster, who just wants a friend.


The key to The Monster Squad is while it remains light and zippy in pace and wit, it never loses its reverence for these classic villains, the rogues gallery of ghouls never once being anything less than horrific, genuine threats.


Shot and constructed beautifully by Dekker and with a script co-written by Shane Black, the film is filled with adventure and invention, whilst also housing a dark streak of joyful terror.

The film isn’t perfect, faltering in what it’s lacking- distinctive characters for each of the Squad and a stronger connecting narrative, but what it does have is heart, soul and a fierce and gloriously palpable love for the genre and history the iconic villains bring with them.


Ultimately, it’s fun, it’s scary and it’s relentless.

So pack a cross-bow and load up on silver bullets.  It’s time for a monster mash.

Horace- “Wolfman’s got nards!”


Sean- “Rudy. Question.”

Rudy- “Shoot.”

Sean- “Know any virgins?”

Rudy- (spit take)


Phoebe- “It’s Frankenstein, guys! He’s our friend. Come on, guys, don’t be chicken shits!”


The pitch: "Come up with a sequel to the 1987 horror comedy."

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